Sunday Sesh #14 – Great Northern Lager

This Sunday’s Sesh brought to you by Great Northern Lager, brewed by CUB.

It’s also brought to you by a hot tip from my cousin Tiff.

Great Northern Lager

The thing about a clear bottle is that you have an immediate expectation that the beer inside it’s going to be quite light, and that’s about right with this one. It’s crisp and refreshing and went down well while watching the cricket. I normally prefer something heavier, but this one surprised me.

It’s quite thin, though not watery, so I could easily have a couple of these (and I just might since I bought a six-pack). At 1.1 standard drinks, I think this may be my new pick for “away” BBQ’s. And it would definitely be one I’d be happy to share with a few mates. Cheap enough too considering my taste for more expensive boutique beers.
After a huge response to my last post (I had two months’ worth of visitors to this site in the space of 24hrs), thanks to a big rant, I’ve decided to take it down a notch this weekend. By the way, thanks to everyone who shared the post and commented. I’m happy for you to share anything on here you think is good, or crap for that matter. That is, afterall, why I blog.

Summer has well and truly started. The First Test between the Aussies and Kiwis was a cracker – I found the ABC online broadcast and listened to it while I was at work for the first two days – and today I was finally able to sit down and watch it on the telly with a few beverages.

I’m a bit disappointed that it’s all over in under five days, since I planned today and tomorrow around watching the cricket (ie doing nothing except watching and having a few beers).

However, I’m very happy to see the young bowlers doing well. Our future is certainly looking bright if we can get these boys to maintain some consistency. We’ll never find another combination like McGrath/Warne, but we now have a couple of young quicks who we’ll be able to start building a strong attack around. Nathan Lyon is also a find in the spin department. I think he’s the first young spinner we’ve had in the side that hasn’t been hailed as the new Warney. He has his own style and he’s shown he’s a great thinker.

Pattinson scoring the man-of-the-match was well-deserved I thought, since he built his attack well after a jittery start. I thought he had some good change-ups and proved that bowling to a plan no matter what’s happening with the batsmen produces results.

The Kiwis on the other hand were a bit disappointing. They did well to make it to 295 in the first innings, but they should have cleaned us up for just over 300 which should have left them in for a good finish. I’m glad we got stuck into them early on Day Four, but gees, they could’ve put up a bit of a fight at least. They have to stop leaving the heroics to Dan Vettori.

I’m looking forward to seeing what they can come up with in Hobart. I think the conditions will suit them more than the conditions at the Gabba did. I’ll also be looking forward to who the Aussie selectors pick for that Test, considering neither Hughes nor Warner fired. I think Hughes is sailing very close to the wind at the moment and he may be in a bit of trouble if Warner gets going.

The other thing I was impressed by was Clarke’s captaincy during the match. He made some great fielding decisions, produced a great captain’s knock with the bat, and made some great bowling changes. I still think he’s living a bit in Ricky Ponting’s shadow, and I think once Punter retires we’ll see the best of Clarke.

I’ve never been a fan of Clarke, since we really do like our captains to be stoic and a little bit cranky even, and Clarke really doesn’t fit that mould. But I think with the youngsters coming through now, we need a different type of captain. I think having the top job has added a different dimension to his game, and I think we’re yet to see his best.

That’s it for another Sunday Sesh. I’m off to hook into this Great Northern six-pack in preparation for going to Carols by Candlelight tonight with Wifey (and watch Wifey mows the lawn).

Until next Sunday’s Sesh,

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