Sunday Sesh #8 – Stoke Gold (NZ)

This week’s Sunday Sesh is brought to you by a NZ drop – Stoke Gold, made by the McCashin Brewery in Nelson.

It’s a little bit fortuitous that I decided to review this beer this weekend. It is, afterall, the same Sunday that the All Blacks are going for Gold in the RWC final. Another bit of trivia for you – McCashin’s Brewery was started by a former All Black, Terry McCashin in 1980. So there you go – I was meant to review this beer on this day. Talk about Fate.

So there’s not much on the company’s website about this one – it is a small family brewery, so I’m guessing they want their brews to speak for themselves.

What does it say? To me it says amateur home-brewer. It’s a little cloudy on the pour, and smells a little bit fruity in the bottle. It tastes like it’s flat, and I did not enjoy this one at all.
Like a lot of Kiwi sports teams, it’s so full of promise but lacking in the execution. Ordinarily, I would still just drink it, but I couldn’t get through it.

On that note, I’ll get onto something a little more interesting.

This weekend saw Wifey and I head down to the local Spring Home Show, which we normally walk out swearing we’ll never waste our money on again. Still, for some reason twelve months goes by, and we forget how disappointing it was last time and go around again getting accosted by people we don’t know trying to sell us things we don’t want.

This year though, success. We got some advice off a guy who builds decks, and Wifey bought herself a $50 three-man tent for work – bargain!

We have also gotten ourselves into something that could turn into something quite interesting.

We were winding our way back through the throng, re-avoiding eye contact with everyone the second time on our way out of the home show, when Wifey spied a stall she couldn’t believe she missed on the way in…..


Back story –

Anyone who knows my wife will tell you that she loves her Tupperware – to the point where it only ever leaves the house if she has it in her lunch box. I get to take it occasionally, but only if I swear on my life that it will return in the same state as it left in, and on the same day.
Never, under any circumstances, is Tupperware allowed to leave our house with anyone who doesn’t live here – there is less chance it will find it’s way home (apparently).
As a side note, don’t ever leave my wife in your kitchen unattended. If you do, check your Tupperware drawer/cupboard and make sure you double-check she’s not hiding any in her jumper before she leaves.

Anyway, so I follow Wifey over to the Tupperware stall where the Tupperware Lady greets us and asks if we’ve seen Tupperware before. Wifey says “Oh yes, I just LOVE Tupperware!” Well, that’s the cue for the Tupperware Lady to inform us that she’s hosting the launch of the new season’s range, and how would we like an invitation to have a sneak peek? Before I can even say anything, Wifey is signing us up to go to a Tupperware party with people we don’t know from a bar of soap.

I really have no problem with going – for starters, who knows what would happen to my wife in a room full of other Tupperware-crazy ladies. I may not get her back in the same state she left home in. Plus, if I’m there, I can stop the impulse buys before they happen. (Note to self – leave the credit card at home).

Also, it gets us out of the house. I mean, what else was I going to do on a Monday night?

But the scariest part? Wifey now wants to have a Tupperware party of her own. Why? Because of “all the free Tupperware I can get!”

Come to think of it though, the last few times I went to (and hosted) Tupperware parties were pretty awesome. There was that time when our crazy Tupperware Lady (let’s call her Kirsty) did a cocktail party, and said one of the jugs was leak-proof, and my house-mate (let’s call her, hmm, Kim), decided to shake said jug which sent green cocktail all over the kitchen floor. Kim then proudly proclaimed “I thought you said this was leak-proof? Well, that was crap!” Yep, that night was a doozey. I still remember our Tupperware Lady packing up the display the next morning (yep, she stayed at our place!) with a HUGE hangover – classic! I still wonder how much money we made for her……

On that note, I’m going to check out the new Tupperware catalogue and see if I can spot the stuff Wifey’s going to want to buy at this party, and maybe even call the boss and ask for some extra hours to pay for it.

Until next Sunday’s Sesh,

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