Selena “SR” Silcox started writing sweet romance stories for lesbian teens because she never got to read them when she was younger.

She quickly discovered it was a great way for her to relive her glory days from her childhood and make up for all the things she didn’t do but wished she could have.

Like kiss cute girls and play professional cricket.

She currently writes the Girls of Summer Series of sweet romances for lesbian tweens and teens, as well as the Alice Henderson Series about girls who play cricket.

She also writes sweet WLW romantic comedies for adults.

You can track her down on facebook, twitter and Instagram, where she posts updates on her new house, sport, her dogs and trying to kick her procrastination habit.

She lives on the coast in (mostly) sunny Queensland, Australia with her wife and two dogs.

Want to know more? Check this out:

  • A lot of my books are set in summer because summer is my absolute favourite time of year. It also happens to be Christmas time here Down Under. And cricket season.
  • I have a titanium screw in my right ankle.
  • My first book was a collaborative effort for an assignment in primary school (grade 5 maybe?). My friends and I wrote and published an Astro Boy fanfic.
  • I am a huge football (soccer) fan. I played for 27 years, starting from when I was 10. Nineteen of those years was spent playing as a goalkeeper.
  • A book that I read at school that has stayed with me is Homecoming by Cynthia Voight.
  • My favourite flavour is peppermint. Peppermint chocolate and peppermint choc chip ice-cream are my two favourite foods in the world.
  • I am borderline arachnophobic. I even wrote a post about it.
  • I play a mean game of pool.
  • I love the beach but don’t like being in the water. I also don’t like sitting in a boat/canoe/kayak if I can’t see to the bottom. Oh, and I hate putting my head underwater, whether it’s in a pool, at the beach or in the shower.
  • I can’t watch the first rounds of any reality TV shows (The Voice, X-Factor, Australian Idol, MasterChef etc) because I get embarrassed for the people who aren’t as good as they think they are.
  • I cry during some songs because they make me emotional.
  • (related) I love to put my music on loud and sing at the top of my voice.
  • I eat Milo straight from the tin. And I eat the Milo from the top of the milk, and (if my wife’s not home) I add more Milo. But the best part of the Milo is the stuff that gets stuck at the bottom of your glass when you’ve finished drinking the milk.
  • After I finish writing a book, I feel like it’s the last idea I’ll ever have.
  • I am a massive cricket fan. I was brought up on cricket, on both sides of my family. My summer holidays were spent playing cricket during the lunch breaks of whatever test match was being played with whichever cousins I was staying with. My only gripe with the sport at the moment is that we still don’t have women playing Test matches more often.
  • (related) I am a bowler, not a batter, but a friend and I played in a 7-a-side competition years ago and were nicknamed Hayden and Gilchrist because we opened the batting for our team and no-one could get us out. Until our very last game when I was bowled my first ball and our streak was ended by a sneaky grubber.
  • My favourite movie is The Sound of Music. I had a crush on Julie Andrews. My second favourite is Bend It Like Beckham. Because… soccer. And Keira Knightley.
  • In my grade 7 yearbook, I put “rich” in the “What do you want to be when you grow up” spot. I was going to put “play cricket for Australia” but I knew that was out of the question, so I chose the one thing I knew I could achieve. The funny thing about that is as I’ve grown up, I’ve realised that being rich has less to do with money and more to do with experience and who you spend your time with. So I guess I’m well on the way to achieving that goal.
  • I’m one of ‘those’ people who keep ticket stubs, entry tickets and random pieces of junk paper that signify certain things in my life. Drives my wife nuts but I love discovering them when we’re cleaning up and remembering why I kept them.
  • I sang a duet with my then-boyfriend when I was in grade one at the end-of-year school concert. It was a wonderfully romantic rendition of “Mr Sandman”. Thank goodness there was no social media back then but I have no doubt one of my primary school friends has that concert on VHS tape somewhere…

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