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These are some of the websites, blogs, books and podcasts I read and listen to regularly that focus on writing and publishing.

(Most of these guys have videos on youtube, so you can check them out on there or subscribe on itunes.)

The Creative Penn – author Joanna Penn chats to other authors and people in the publishing industry about the industry
The Self-Publishing Podcast (and their very funny and never on topic sister show Better Off Undead) – authors Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant and David Wright chat about what’s working for them in collaboration, publishing and writing. They also have guests on regularly to talk about the industry. Focused on self-publishing.
Writing Excuses – authors Brandon Sanderson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Taylor and Daniel Wells talk primarily about craft and the traditional publishing industry.
The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast – Simon Whistler is an audiobook narrator, and chats to authors and other people in the industry about writing, publishing and selling books. I love his interviews with newer and unknown authors about their journeys from zero sales to making a living from their writing.

J A Konrath – industry commentary. Joe Konrath came from a traditional publishing background and is now a staunch self-publishing supporter who mainly posts commentary on the industry in general.
Hugh Howey – commentary on the publishing industry as well as a great example of engagement with his fan base.
Chuck Wendig – Chuck has a cult following in the indie world, publishing commentary on the industry in general as well as lots of encouragement to authors to learn their craft. Check out his non-fiction books as well as his fiction books and website.
Anne R Allen – Guest articles on timely issues in the industry and craft.
The Creative Penn – as per the podcast, Joanna has shifted her blog to focus less on the craft of writing and more on the publishing side of things. Check out her earliest posts and podcasts to get an idea of her journey from not having anything published to being a bestselling thriller author.
Jami Gold – especially her writer resources, which include scrivener and excel templates to help with plotting
Lindsay Buroker

Books and other resources (Amazon Links)
Save the Cat! – Blake Snyder (this is a screenwriting book, but has some fantastic resources for plotting fiction)
Write. Publish. Repeat. – Jonny B Truant and Sean Platt
How To Be a Writer in the E-Age – Anne R Allen and Catherine Ryan Hyde
Let’s Get Digital and Let’s Get Visible – David Gaughran
How to Market a Book – Joanna Penn
No Plot? No Problem – Chris Baty (essentially, the NaNoWriMo bible)
On Writing – Stephen King

For Fun
Vlog Brothers on Youtube – John and Hank Green’s youtube channel is full of funny and poignant social commentary.
Garrett Robinson on youtube – Garrett is a fantasy author who posts videos every day that range from writing and fiction to social commentary.

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