Sunday Sesh #1 – Wicked Elf Witbier

Welcome to the first official Sunday Sesh, which also happens to be Father’s Day. My beer of choice for today is Wicked Elf Witbier a Belgian-style beer, said to have been brewed by monks in the Middle Ages. It’s brewed by the Little Brewing Company at Port Macquarie in NSW.

What they say about their beer:
“This beer is made using 50/50 wheat and barley malts and is ‘bottle conditioned’.
A light ale, with a lovely complexity of malt, citrus and spicy flavours, balanced with a refreshing bitterness from the hops and curacao.”

What I say:
The smell out of the bottle is light and citrusy, and it’s a cloudy pale colour in the glass. Pours well with a nice head that sticks around, and gets on your lips like a milk-mustache. Very easy to drink especially on a warm day. Does leave a slightly bitter aftertaste, but nothing too overwhelming. Something you could share with the missus, and would be great to have in the fridge for something light-tasting on a hot summer’s day.
I paid $16.99 for a 4-pack from Dan Murphy’s.

Now to get into the rest of the Sunday Sesh.

On Cricket
It would be safe to say that after the last Ashes debacle, and the selection problems the Aussie cricket team has had, I didn’t hold out much hope for too  much change. However, the Argus review has made a number of suggestions and recommendations that I think will give us some hope for the future. I don’t believe for a second that the people who have been in charge of the game didn’t have its best interests at heart. I do think though that some of those officials have been entrenched in the same positions for such a long time that they’ve failed to understand what CA has needed to move us forward. I think we have been trying for too long to find the next Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath, and that has stifled any potential new players from wearing the baggy green. I could go on about the state of Australian cricket for the rest of this post, but my chief hope for this coming summer is that during this tour of Sri Lanka a few of the younger guys get their chance to show what they can do, and have the selectors allow them to stick around long enough to mentor them into some lethal strike bowlers. Changing the team too much never works no matter what sport you play.
On a high note, it’s great to see some of those new faces standing up and being counted in the first test in Sri Lanka to give Michael Clarke his first official test win as captain. Nathan Lyon stepped up with a first-innings bowling haul of 5-34, and Ryan Harris helped us close out the match in the second innings.
Also, this summer, we play host to the Kiwis, so it should be a good one. I love seeing our boys beat our brothers from across the ditch.

Today marks the last ordinary fixture game at home for Brisbane legend Darren Lockyer. He’ll be missed at all levels of the game, but I am guessing more than a few of the younger crop of five-eighths will be kind-of glad to see him go – they might now get a chance at rep level, though they’ll be mighty big boots to fill.

On the state of my internet
I was extremely excited about getting our new wi-fi home network set up yesterday. We’ve been struggling through using mobile internet for over six months, which is great – when you can get on. Instead of sitting on my deck, drinking my beer and blogging using my new internet, I am sitting beside the modem, plugged in, with my beer sitting on the tv cabinet (wifey’s nana-napping, so what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her!) I am searching for a way to make this damn thing go faster than dial-up without the need for cables, but I’m a little over it at the moment. I think I’ll try again after I’ve finished my beer and half-way through my second. That way I’ll be too mellow to throw the modem and/or the laptop when it’s still not working.

And finally, on the weather, which is the main reason I decided to start my drinking early this year. It’s a beautiful day up here on the range, though it started off a little chilly. Perfect for Sunday Sesh on the deck, which I am heading off to enjoy now.

Til next Sunday’s Sesh, Happy Father’s Day, and


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