The Alice Henderson Series

 Join Alice Henderson on her quest for cricket stardom in this exciting new Aussie series for cricket-mad kids.

Exploring themes of friendship, loyalty, sibling rivalry, and having the courage to believe in yourself, the Alice Henderson Series is perfect for sports-mad kids from 12 years and up (and kids at heart who were legends in their own time!)

Book #1 – Alice Henderson On Debut

Whoever said girls can’t play cricket hasn’t met Alice Henderson.

Alice Henderson never faced a ball she couldn’t hit. Then again, she’s only ever played in her backyard against her older brother, Adam.

When she gets hand-picked for an elite, all-girls cricket camp, Alice gets a taste of a future she never knew she could have.

Does Alice’s talent stack up against some of the best cricketers her age? Or will her dream of becoming a professional cricketer end before it even begins?

Find out in the first book in the new series about girls who play cricket, Alice Henderson On Debut.

Book #2 – Alice Henderson Makes the Grade

How good is too good? Alice Henderson is about to find out.

Cricket careers start at club level. That’s what Alice’s friend Old George tells her. But how can she start her career when she can’t even make her first team?

Will Alice finally get to play a full season of cricket? Or is she forever destined to run out the drinks?

Alice must decide if club loyalty is more important than playing the game she loves if she wants to Make the Grade.

Book #3 – Alice Henderson Goes Big

Go Big or Go Home

When a clip of her big hitting goes viral, Alice Henderson becomes an overnight sensation. Basking in her newfound fame, Alice takes the State Championships by storm.

But not everyone is happy with Alice’s new celebrity status. One player in particular can’t wait to bring Alice right back down to earth.

Can Alice live up to the hype? Or will she crumble under the weight of expectation?

**Book #4 – Coming in 2024**

“You’ll love Alice even if you aren’t cricket mad!” Brydie, 13

 “I don’t want to stop reading it. Ever.” Matthew, 9

“Absorbing read. Can’t wait for the next book!” Oscar, 11

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