Introducing the Sunday Sesh

A Sunday Sesh from two summers ago, with my then beer-of-choice, Fat Yak.

Today is officially the first day of spring, and it should be getting warmer (Hear that weather?). Just eight months ago, I was lamenting to anyone who would listen what a crap summer we’d had – ie none. I think we had about two weeks of fantastically hot summer weather down here, which means I missed out on my quota of sunshine and beer-drinking. Which means that this winter, I’ve been hell to live with.

I think I’ve worked out the problem though. When spring rolled around last year, I didn’t really appreciate the heat that was supposed to come. I neglected my beer-drinking early on, and I think that startled Summer into thinking I didn’t like it anymore. I am not going to make that mistake again. I am not going to miss out on getting my flip-flop feet tan again this year.

So, to usher in the warmer weather, and to show Summer that I really do care, I’m starting my beer drinking early. I’m bringing in the Sunday Sesh as of this Sunday. And true to traditional Sunday Sesh form, we could be talking about anything and everything – the weather, sport, who to watch on The X Factor, sport, what beer’s on special this week, sport – and it will most likely depend on how greasy the wheels get.

First off the bat though, I have to admit that I’ve become a bit of a beer snob. I enjoy discovering micro-brewery and premium beers. In the past I’ve tried chocolate beers and coffee-shot beers. I’ve drunk my beer with a wedge of lemon, and sometimes a “dash”. Having said that, a XXXX on a hot day goes down just as well as anything you pay more that $7 a stubbie for. I intend on revisiting some old favourites, but also branching out and testing some of the trendier beers from breweries around Australia, and might even throw in an import or two along the way.

So I’ve done the calculations, and there are 26 Sundays between today and the last official day of summer on 29th February next year. Ordinarily, that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of drinking. But take into consideration the ones I discover I like and decide to buy a carton of and that’s a lot of beer.

I’m going to get stuck into some research and decide what the first few beers will get the Sunday Sesh treatment. While I’m travelling on my beer-drinking odyssey, feel free to offer up suggestions of beer you think I should try or what topics you’d like to see on here, and if you want to add your own beer review, I’ll be happy to oblige. There are, afterall, a lot more beer varieties out there than I could ever hope to get through on my own in just one summer. Besides, what’s a Sunday Sesh without a few mates?

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