Sunday Sesh #12 – Cascade Stout

This Sunday Sesh brought to you by Cascade Stout.

I’ve cheated a little this week and also in order to get ahead over the next few weeks – I bought a gift pack from Cascade with four of their beers in, so I’ll be reviewing them all over the next month. I’ve heard they make a good brew down in the southern-most state (something to do with the pureness of the water they reckon), and I wasn’t disappointed with this week’s choice.

“Hints of coffee and chocolate”

I’m joined in today’s Sunday’s Sesh with the Little Sister and the Bro-in-law, visiting from the Sunny Coast. They both had a taste of this. Bro-in-law isn’t a beer drinker but thought this one was alright. Little Sis enjoyed this one. She said she couldn’t taste the chocolate but it smelled like it had something in there. And she liked that the aftertaste wasn’t overpowering.

(Caveat: Bro-in-law said Little Sis would like anything with alcohol in it – I’m not sure what the problem is.)

I say this is a pretty good stout. It pours well in the glass with a creamy head, but not too much. It smells a little of chocolate and if you swirl it around in your mouth you can get a hint of the coffee.

This is a pretty heavy one at 1.7 standard drinks – and it feels like it. It goes down well, but probably would be suited more to winter rather than summer. Very much an after dinner beer this one I think.

Having said that, I will be getting this one again.

I was reading over my first couple of Sunday Sesh’s and thought I should do a quick update on the weather front, since the whole point was to bring on Summer.

I think it’s worked. The temps have been climbing pretty steadily the last few weeks, and it’s been perfect beer-drinking weather up here on the Ridge. We have a half-done deck which will be great once it’s finished to enjoy a few cold ones with friends, and I’ve been getting a few tips for beers to review from friends – stay tuned – they’ll be coming up soon.

The rising temps mean that Christmas will soon be upon us. And that means more beer-drinking, water slides, and catching up with rellies and friends.

Which we’ve been doing this weekend, which is why this Sunday Sesh is so short.

It’s also why there’s been no improvement on the word count for my Nano novel since Thursday. Plus, I had another migraine on Friday night – oh the pressure of writing 50,000 words in 30 days.

I was planning on being as close to 35k as I could by tonight, but that’s just gone right out the window. I have another busy couple of weeks coming up so getting 50k is looking further and further away. I do like my story though, and I will get it finished regardless of whether I hit that 50k by the end of the month, so I will still be giving it a good crack. There might have to be some long nights if I want to score some more wagon wheels.

And Wifey has a secret reward planned if I crack the 50k mark so I do really want to get there to see what that is.

Until next Sunday’s Sesh,

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