Nanowrimo: Day 21 – Help!

So, here’s the deal. Three days off has meant no more words added to my Nano novel, and I’m finding it hard to connect with the story again.
I’ve also realised I’ve been focussing too much on trying to make this story “good” and “readable” rather than just writing the damn thing and having fun. While I think this story has a chance at life after Nano, I’ve reverted to “pre-Nano writer” and been giving the story too much reverence. I need to get back to Super Writer mode, and fast!

What am I doing to fix this? I’m glad you asked. I’m going to throw my characters out of their comfort-zone.
Remember back when I made my random generator? I knew it would eventually come in handy some day (for something other than procrastination).

I’ve picked out a couple of traits from the “specials” box, and I want you to help me choose what I’m going to throw into my Nano novel, just to mix things up abit.

I’ll give you a little bit of background, hopefully without giving too much away.

Quinn (17) and Luke (18) are BFF’s in their final year of high-school. Quinn has just come out to Luke (who incidentally always knew Quinn was a lesbian, but for some reason, never told Quinn). He, of course, pays out on Quinn for her crushes, and makes bad lesbian jokes, as a BFF should do.

As a result of an accident, Quinn’s soul ends up in Luke’s body, so she gets to do things she wouldn’t normally get to do. Things like peeing standing up, crash-tackling her arch-nemesis Josh who plays on Luke’s football team (and who also happens to be the boyfriend of Quinn’s biggest crush), and cracking onto girls without fear of getting slapped – or laughed at.

It stands to reason that while she’s Luke, she discovers a secret Luke has kept hidden even from her.

My problem is – what is Luke’s secret?

That’s where you come in. I’ve put up a snap-poll to help me decide what Luke’s big secret is. Feel free to offer up any other suggestions, or longer reasonings or comments, in the comments section.

I’ll leave the poll up for 24hrs, and then start work on the next part of my Nano novel – tentatively titled “Luke’s Secret” – tomorrow night.

The poll’s up on the left, and closes at 7pm tomorrow night.

So get voting! And don’t forget to tell your friends!

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