I’m Coming Out

My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. She was my last surviving grandparent, which made her extremely important and special in my life. It also makes her passing extremely hard to come to grips with. Sometimes I feel an overwhelming sense of guilt at the things I didn’t get to share with her, and the memories we will never get to make because I lived so far away from her. But when I think back over her life and the time I was lucky enough to have with her (35 years of memories), I realise if there’s one thing she taught me, it’s that life is far too short for regrets.
Instead of lamenting over what I could have done with my life to this point, I have resolved to do something about it. It is finally time for me to come out – as a writer. You see, I’m accountant by trade which in itself is a noble profession. However, accounting is what I do – writing is part of who I am. So today is the day I get serious about my writing. Today is the day I declare myself a “Writer” instead of an “accountant”.
So to honour the passing of a woman who was loving, kind, generous, proud and genuine, I declare that today is the day I move my life in the direction it should be going.
I don’t know where this blog will take me – whether it will be my musings on learning the craft I have been practicing in private for the last ten years, rants about how damned hard it is to put words on paper, or ravings about life in general. But I do know that today is the day that I take control and become the person my grandmother always knew I could be.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother Sel.. Awesome news about your coming out :). Can’t wait to read what you write
    Luv Noels

  2. What can I say Selena, you said it all! I felt the same way when I lost my grandmother. Most of all they never die, they live on in your heart! I still miss gran today & always will. My grandmother had unconditional love, I only hope I could be half the woman she was.

  3. I’m so glad you have finally come out, no more late nights hiding away writing. OH Wait, you still will be.