IMG_20150414_105511Selena “SR” Silcox started writing sweet romance stories for lesbian teens because she never got to read them when she was younger.

She quickly discovered it was a great way for her to relive her glory days from her childhood and make up for all the things she didn’t do but wished she could have.

Like kiss cute girls and play professional cricket.

She currently writes the Girls of Summer Series of sweet romances for lesbian tweens and teens, as well as the Alice Henderson Series about girls who play cricket.

You can track her down on facebook, twitter and Instagram, where she posts updates on her new house, sport, her dogs and trying to kick her procrastination habit.

She lives on the coast in (mostly) sunny Queensland, Australia with her soon-to-be-wife and two dogs.

You can email her via the contact form. She loves hearing from readers and always answers back.

Want to get insider updates on her books? Hit up her mailing list.

Want the books? Get them here.


Teresa Brecknell
October 30, 2013 at 10:15 am

I know a little bit more about you now.

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