I’m moving house! (And a book sale)

In two weeks, my wife and I, along with our two pooches, are moving from the little place we’ve called home for the last five years back to our hometown.

We’ve been away for around 17 years, which just blows my mind.

We’re looking forward to getting back to our friends and family, but we’re not looking forward to packing and moving and unpacking again.

There’s nothing like moving house to make you realise how much stuff (*ahem* books) you have!

So I’m trying to lighten the load a little bit by selling off all of my current stock of books, including old, rare editions that you can’t get anywhere else.

They’re all going out super cheap, and I’m stumping up for postage, so you get that for free.

(Oh, BTW, this is for Aussie readers only. Sorry rest of the world! You can still get the books for cheap, you’ll just have to pay for the postage if you’re not in Australia).

If you’ve been thinking about picking up one or more of my books in paperback, then now is the time to grab them.

Crush has been updated and re-edited since the first edition was released.

And the Alice Henderson books have had an internal makeover (see pics below), while the covers have remained the same.









You can grab the books at my shop (click here), or click on the book you want below. Be sure to let me know when you purchase if you want them personalised, otherwise, they’ll come signed only.

This is what’s on offer:

First and Early Editions – $12 each

Current Editions – from $7 to $20 each


All of the books I have in stock are on special (please don’t make me pack them!) and I am paying for the postage costs (if you are in Australia), so now is the time to grab copies of my books. They won’t be cheap like this again!

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