Cover Reveal: After Summer gets a makeover

I released my second book, After Summer, back in 2016, so it was ripe for an update and new covers.

I’ve also updated the interiors and added a few pretty little title pages and chapter headings, which look amazing in print.

But the most exciting news is that After Summer is the first book you can get in jacketed hardcover.

The pictures really do not do the new hardcovers justice, but here’s some, just so you can see how cool they look.

All of my published books will come out in hardcover this year, which I’m stupidly excited about. There’s just something different about holding a hardcover in your hand, as opposed to a paperback.

So yes, these editions are mostly for me, *grin*, so I can show them off proudly on my bookshelf.

If you want to show them off on your bookshelf (I’d love to see that, by the way!), you can grab copies of the new editions over on my webshop.

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