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For a woman as stubborn and proud as Mackenzie Hooper, the only thing standing in her way of a merry Christmas is, unfortunately, herself.

Even if she did want to spend the rest of her life with girlfriend Callie, Mac is finding it hard to bring her true feelings across to those she loves–as familial relationships on both sides begin to complicate the situation.

And when good intentions become muddled and misunderstood, Mac finds herself suddenly alone and scrambling for answers.

What starts out as a desperate road trip across the country to win back her beloved soon turns into a cathartic and enlightening journey within. What stands between Mac and Callie’s future is more than just the distance that divides them.

And if Mac hopes to make it home for Christmas, she’ll need to cast doubt to the wind and make excellent time.

Amidst such darkness, does Mac have the strength to step into the light and give this season a new reason for celebration?

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