SR Silcox grew up in small-town Australia. A child of the 80s and a teen of the 90s, it was a multi-coloured, fun-filled time of hypercolour T-shirts, Slip’n’Slides, outrageously teased fringes, MC Hammer and Dunlop Volleys. She played cricket in the summer and soccer in the winter, all while wearing shorts and T-shirts with a cap glued firmly to her head.

She loves team sports, barracks for the underdog, and believes that everyone makes the right choices given the right set of circumstances. Most of all she believes that re-making movies from the 1980s should be made illegal.

A lesbian herself, she’s passionate about the importance of diversity in fiction and the media, especially for LGBT+ teens.

She’s available for schools visits, interviews and appearances either in person or by skype or Google+.


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