Summer Crush is live!

I woke up to a bit of exciting news this morning.

My second self-narrated short book, Summer Crush, has sold 2 copies on Findaway Voices, without any marketing.

I mean, I haven’t even released the details to my reader groups yet, so that’s a sure sign that my tags and keywords are working (I think!).

So, this post is to say that Summer Crush is now slowly appearing in audiobook stores all over the place, so if you’re after a super sweet first kiss story with just a tad of humour and cringe, then this one’s for you.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know this is my second finished audiobook, but it’s the first one I’ve put up for sale.

(Want the first one for free? You can grab that one here.)

I wanted to use Summer Crush as a bit of a test run to work out how long recording and editing and uploading and publishing an audiobook would take.

Summer Crush runs at around 30 minutes, and it took this newbie around 11 hours of work to get that 30 minutes of finished product.

Obviously that will get MUCH better over time (I hope!) as I get faster at editing and mastering the files.

And I’m quickly discovering that although ebooks can be fairly quick to appear in stores, audiobooks upload and distribute at a glacial pace in comparison.

I haven’t decided on which book I’ll tackle next, but I DO have something in store for the Alice Henderson series, which I think is pretty cool (and is audio-related), which I’ll reveal soon.

Want to grab a copy of Summer Crush for your ears?

Here are the places you can buy it (with more coming soon):



Google Play





Summer Crush is also available on Amazon and other retailers for just 99c.

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