Audiobook Update

Quick one this week with an update on my audiobook narrating journey.

So far, I’ve taken a couple of short courses on audiobook narration and watched a TONNE of youtube videos from voice actors and narrators for tips and tricks.

Then, as a practice run, I recorded and edited a short, short story I wrote years ago called Sunday Fish.

I sent it out to my email subscribers and on my social media, and got some terrific feedback.

Want to hear me read you Sunday Fish for free? You can download it here. It’s about 10 minutes long.

I’m currently in the process of recording another short story, Summer Crush, which will be about 30 minutes long.

I’m giving that one away for free to my subscribers for Valentine’s Day, so if you want that one, and to find out when I release my first full book audio narration (and get a discount on it), you’ll need to sign up to my email list, which you can do here.

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