Author Blog Hop – Writing My First Novel

I am excited to be participating in a new blog hop initiated by author A.E. Radley, along with a host of other lesfic authors. I can’t wait to see what topics this blog hop throws up. The first one is Writing my first […]

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Want to be proud to be an Aussie cricket fan? Start watching the women.

After reading about the recent review into Australian cricket, I wanted to write a post about how short-sighted Cricket Australia has been in their follow-up statements, and how I think they can start to ‘fix’ the culture around the Australian men’s cricket […]

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My new library card

I’ve been meaning to get one for years, but today I finally relented and applied for a library card. A few reasons, I suppose. Firstly, libraries are such great resources, and as an author, I should be supporting them much more than […]

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