Woah! Has it really been that long??

The last time I posted on the blog was about the huge news of my career change.

That was way back in August last year. I know, so far away now.

I’ve really been meaning to get back on and do some random posts, but the truth is we’ve been so busy getting the house renovations finished, then getting it on the market and keeping it clean and tidy, and sorting out work stuff, and moving stuff……

Life just got in the way. As usual.

So anyway, this is just a catch up post to let you know I have survived the big move out west, and have so far survived the increase in temperatures. We’ve gotten through Christmas and New Year relatively unscathed, which is always a miracle, and now we’re throwing ourselves into life in a small town and all that offers.

For me, that means I’ve just come off of a self-imposed break from all things writing. I’ve set myself a couple of goals I think will be attainable this year, and I’m slowly working my way into a routine to achieve them.

These first 3-6 months I’ll spend writing in the mornings, as they seem to be the quietest times (and the coolest) here, and then researching in the afternoons. I have 3 projects I’m working on, and whichever one comes out on top after that time will be the one I focus on for the final half of this year.

I don’t like making resolutions at New Year, which is the reason I gave myself the extra week holiday. I don’t like to start anything on the 1st of January, because I’m notoriously bad at keeping to it if it feels like a resolution.

The main thing for me over the next few months will be to get settled into a writing routine I can manage, and then work out how to up the ante to get more words out, and then think about getting something published.

The other thing I want to concentrate on is getting back to a regular blogging schedule. Don’t hold your breath for the first couple of months though, as I’m trying to come up with things to actually blog about.

On a different tangent though, I’m really looking forward to having a go at brewing my own beer. Wifey bought me a Coopers home brew kit for Christmas, so I’m looking forward to seeing how I go. I’ll certainly keep you posted in that regard.

And I’ll be keeping you posted on the word count of my WIPs now, via a wordcount widget which should appear very shortly.

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