Sunday Sesh #16 – Bee Sting

This Sunday’s Sesh is brought to you by Bee Sting Honey Wheat beer, brewed by Barossa Valley Beer.

I’ve tried a honey-infused beer in the past – Beez Neez brewed by one of my favourite breweries, Matilda Bay – and I have to say, Beez Neez wins the battle of these two beers hands down.

Bee Sting by Barossa Valley Beer

If you like good head, this is the beer for you!

As you can see from the picture above, it poured like a soft-drink out of the bottle. Now I’m pretty gentle with my pour, but this foamed up like I was pouring it over ice-cream. The head was higher than the beer in the glass, so I had to wait until it settled a bit before I poured again. And when I poured the last of it, it foamed up again, the bubbles racing up the sides of the glass.

There’s no real hint of the honey until you’ve almost finished, and the aftertaste lingers right off the bat. It starts to get better the more you drink, but the bitterness is quite a shock at first.

To be a little fair though, it suggests to drink this with spicey asian food or BBQ’d meats, and I can see how the bitterness would cut through something like a marinated steak, so I might give this another go next time we have a BBQ.

This Sesh marks the last Sunday before Christmas, which means Wifey and I have been busy doing odd jobs around the house (which is why this Sesh is late, again!).

Today, I played apprentice to Wifey’s superior skills as a concreter/paver. That meant I did things like dropping globs of concrete onto bricks instead of in the cracks where it was meant to be, starting jobs and not finishing them, and not cleaning up properly when we were finished.

In return, Wifey sent me to Mitre 10 for a left-handed screw-driver and a long wait, gave me the shit jobs and cursed at me under her breath.

The girls supervised by finding the only shady spot under the wheelbarrow, and then dropping the ball at our feet wherever we walked.

Daisy supervises from the comfort of the wheelbarrow

We still have a million jobs to finish, but today we tackled some paving near our front gate. When we did the front fence, we ripped up the old concrete paving so we could grow grass, but that meant that we started to get a muddy patch where we came in at the gate.

We had a pile of bricks Wifey was hoarding from when she pulled down the back steps, so we thought we’d put our collective creativity in action (my brains and Wifey’s brawn) and put in a pretty little entrance to our abode.

Wifey mixes the concrete

The division of jobs went like this –

  • Wifey dug the hole
  • I sorted the bricks
  • Wifey checked the bricks and sent me back for more
  • I got more bricks
  • Wifey checked the bricks and sent me back for “prettier” ones
  • I thought “stick it”, but told Wifey we’d work with the bricks we had
  • Wifey set out the bricks
  • I re-set the bricks so they looked “rustic” rather then “linear”
  • Wifey rolled her eyes
  • Wifey mixed the concrete
  • I watched and played ball with Daisy and Rubes
  • Wifey showed me how to lay the concrete base and lay the bricks
  • I shovelled the concrete, dropping bits onto the bricks 
  • Wifey explained (patiently) why I shouldn’t drop big globs of concrete on the bricks
  • I rolled my eyes
  • Wifey asked if I wanted to lay some bricks
  • I said no, I’m just the apprentice
  • Wifey asked could I mix some more concrete
  • I said, no, I’m just the apprentice, I don’t know how to mix
  • I opened a bag of concrete and held the hose
  • Wifey mixed the concrete
  • I watched and played ball with Daisy and Rubes

Long story short, we managed to get the job done without too much drama, though Wifey tells me I started fading half-way through. It was hard though, coming up with the design, and after all my hard work I really did need a beer.

As you can see from the results below, we’re pretty stoked with how we did. No more muddy entrance and one less job to do.

Our new front entrance
The finished product

So that’s it from me for this Sunday. Next Sunday I’ll be busy catching up with fifty or so of my closest rellies on Boxing Day at a BIG family reunion. I’ll be prepared though and will have a special treat for you next Sunday, so keep an eye out for the next post.

Until next Sundays Sesh,

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