Sunday Sesh #11 – Old Fart

So this week’s Sunday Sesh is brought to you by Merriman’s Old Fart english ale. (I can’t actually find a website for this one, so this is the closest you get).

This is kind of a burnt amber colour, no head, and if you look closely there’s a little bit of sediment. Tastes abit like burnt toast and smells like a country pub on a busy Saturday night.

Not a favourite and I struggled to get through this one. Too “roasted malt” taste for me, and the bitter after taste lingered longer than it should.

So this week in Nanoland saw me soar past the 15k word count, mainly thanks to a (as yet unfinished) funeral scene and my main character starting to speak her mind a bit more.

Without giving away too many details, one of my characters gets themselves killed. But they get a short-lived, high-action second chance, and my main character gets to discover a few things she never would have otherwise about this other character.

Anyway, it got me to thinking – if the people I’ve lost over the years had a second chance, what are all the things I would ask them now that I didn’t get a chance to ask them before they died.

This is what I came up with.

What I would ask my Nanna:

  • How do you brew the perfect cup of tea (in a teapot and not using tea bags)?
  • Are you glad Richie Benaud is finally retired?
  • Would you have married Slim Dusty if you’d been given the chance?

What I would ask my Grandma:

  • Can I have your ginger nut biscuit recipe? (She’d probably say no, but no harm in asking).
  • Are you still watching the cricket with your eyes closed, stretched out on a recliner? (I know most of us have been watching cricket with our eyes closed lately).
  • Do I really suffer from the affliction known as “Kelly Nose”? (Those in the Silcox family know what I’m talking about).
  • Did you really stop at 7 kids because my dad was born – and therefore you didn’t need to “try again” for another boy? Or because he gave you such grief you just couldn’t handle another one?

What I would ask my cat Spook:

  • Did you really hate my sister that much?
  • Were you “catching” pieces of vinyl in my dad’s shed for our amusement, or because you really thought they were lizards?

The things I will make sure I will pass on before I die:

  • The internet banking and email passwords to my wife.
  • My favourite baking recipes to my nieces. This does NOT include my potato bake recipe – sorry.
  • My unwritten story ideas to anyone who wants them – I can guarantee there’ll be lots.
  • My unpublished memoirs – oh wait, I’ll probably get them published just before I croak it, so you’ll have to buy it (See kids? You will get something from my estate).

Things I won’t tell people even if they beg:

  • The secret of my potato bake.
  • Where I hide my diaries.

So that’s it for another Sunday Sesh. Short and sweet this one since we have a tupperware party today (yay!) and a friend’s going away party this afternoon (boo!).

How about you though – if you could ask anyone who has died one question what would it be? And what is the one thing you would take to your grave?

Until next Sunday’s Sesh,

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