Nanowrimo: Day One

Goal: 2,000
Word count: 535

Not as good as I’d hoped, but better than no words. I only got time to write at about 8pm, and had to shut myself away in the bedroom since our visitors are still here. I hate being unsociable.
Very aware that wifey needs to go to bed, so wasn’t able to concentrate well at all and ended up only getting in an hour.

I made two different starts, which will probably translate into two separate chapters and fleshed out some early ideas.

I’m hoping with some more time tomorrow night I’ll get more done. I have a goal to be at or around 10,000 words by Sunday night which will put me slightly ahead, so I’m going to shut myself away for a few hours at a time, and maybe have a late one Friday night.

I’ve realised that I’m really going to have take advantage of my weekends and Mondays in order to hit 50k words by the end of the month.

No word count widgets available yet, but will stick one up as soon as they do.

Time for some rest, and hopefully a better count tomorrow.

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1 Comment

  1. Hey,
    I got started a little early so I hit the 1600 mark today 🙂 I’m very busty the next couple of weekends though so getting the 50k mark will be difficult but we WILL get there!
    Good Luck with it