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Five things I learned from the publication of the First Time for Everything Anthology

I posted pre-order links to the First Time for Everything anthology a few weeks before it was released. I also posted buy links to facebook for the ebook and paperback versions when it released in September, but it wasn’t until

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On writing short

It’s taken me a long time to get into a sort of groove with my writing. I’ve learned to plot just enough to keep me going on the story without getting stale or losing my way (thanks largely to the

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Diversity in YA and what I’m doing to change it

In sport, particularly when playing finals, we have a saying: “Leave nothing in the tank” In other words, play your absolute best today. Leave nothing for tomorrow. Today, it counts. In writing terms, it would be “Do your best work

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How Hugh Howey changed my mind

  A few weeks ago, I wrote a short story in less than a day. I had a title in mind, and was mulling over what sort of story would go with it. I’d used the same title quite a

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And the winner is….

Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll to name my stable of horses for an upcoming book. We had over 2,600 votes over 7 days, and the lead changed 9 times. Here’s how the race played out – It’s

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Name That Horse

I’m terrible at naming things. All my books have working titles like “The Space One” and “The Cosy Murder #1”, and my character names look like the unnamed extras in a movie (policeman #1, Guy at the Bar, Stripper #4,

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Get to know you – part 4

Part 4 of the Getting to know you series. Check out part one, part two and part three if you haven’t already. 31. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Definitely happy endings. 32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? The Hunger Games –

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Get to know you – part 3

Part three in the getting to know you series. If you missed them, check out part one and part two. 21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Gloriana and Colbie Caillat – get’s me ready for writing YA. 22.

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Stuff I Found Interesting On the Web

I read a lot. Books, blogs, facebook, news articles, tweets, the backs of toilet cleaner bottles. And I thought, hey, maybe the few people who stop by here occasionally might be interested in what I found interesting around the place.

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Get to know you – part 1

Remember those random question quizzes you got back in the early days of email? I LOVE them! I stumbled across this one online and couldn’t resist. I’ve changed up some of the questions though because they were a little US-centric.

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