Maddie Lambert is a rising pop star struggling with fame.

Tess Copeland is a country girl trying to save a family tradition.

Sparks fly when their worlds collide but can they overcome their doubts to discover what really matters?


A rising pop star running from fame. A country girl fighting to save her heritage. Sparks fly when their worlds collide but can they save each other?

Maddie Lambert’s star is on the rise. Fame and fortune are hers for the taking. But when her controlling manager/father tries to break up her band, Maddie retaliates by cancelling their tour and running away to get her head straight. Falling for a country girl wasn’t part of her plan but Tess Copeland might just be able to remind Maddie what she loves about music.

Tess Copeland is gearing up for her family’s annual Crush Festival. But when a corrupt Councillor threatens to shut them down, Tess must pull out all the stops to save her family heritage. New girl in town, Maddie Lambert, proves to be a welcome distraction, but does she hold the key to the Crush Festival’s success?

Crush is the first book in the Girls of Summer series of light-hearted summer romances for girls who like girls.

If you love small-town romances and first kisses that give you goosebumps, you’ll love Crush.

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