Young Adult

All of the books on this page are suitable for tweens and teens aged 12 years and up.

The Girls of Summer Series

The Girls of Summer is a sweet, light-hearted romance series, always set in summer somewhere in Australia, where the girl always gets the girl in the end. (SPOILER ALERT: Though not necessarily the one she thought she would!)

There’s no angst (at least not to do with sexuality). No homophobia. No coming out.

Just stolen glances, shared milkshakes and lots of first kisses. If that’s what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place!

The Alice Henderson Series

Join Alice Henderson on her quest for cricket stardom in this exciting new Aussie series for cricket-mad kids.

Exploring themes of friendship, loyalty, sibling rivalry, and having the courage to believe in yourself, the Alice Henderson Series is perfect for sports-mad kids from 12 years and up (and kids at heart who were legends in their own time!)