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Things I Say to my Dogs (That make me sound like I’m parenting children)

Daisy and Rubes - ready for a drive in the car

Ruby and Daisy – ready for a drive in the car

It occurred to me recently that a lot of what I say to my dogs, would be equally at home with parents of children. These are the things that I say to my dogs that I’d probably also say to my kids (if I had some).


“Don’t put that in your mouth.”

“You break that, it’s going in the bin.”

“Don’t pull on your sister’s ear.”

“Don’t chase the cat.”

“Your sister’s sleeping – leave her alone.”

“If you’re going to fight, do it down stairs.”

“Stop chasing lizards.”

“Who pooed on the concrete?!”

“Don’t play on the verandah – you’ll fall off and hurt yourself.”

“Argh! Quiet! Mum’s trying to work!”

“It’s bedtime. Go to sleep.”

“I don’t care what the other dogs are doing. You’re not doing it and that’s that.”

“Don’t steal your sister’s food.”

“Get that out of your mouth!”

“If you don’t go to sleep, I’ll lock you under the house.”

“You only get treats when you’ve done something good/eaten all your dinner.”

“Yes, that’s a new puppy next door. No, you can’t have one.”

“If you give me what you’ve got in your mouth, I’ll give you a treat.”

“Don’t bark at the postman.”


See? I’m perfectly qualified to have children.

Stuff I Found Interesting On the Web

I read a lot. Books, blogs, facebook, news articles, tweets, the backs of toilet cleaner bottles. And I thought, hey, maybe the few people who stop by here occasionally might be interested in what I found interesting around the place. I’ll post this stuff monthly, and sometimes more than that, depending on what floats my boat.

It’ll mostly be random stuff, so expect sport, publishing/self-publishing news, blogs I liked, sport, stuff I procrastinated with, sport.

JA Konrath
Joe Konrath has a lot of publishing greatness on his blog. If you’re a writer, I highly recommend reading it. This post is timely I think, because the publishing industry is going through some big changes, and Joe wants you to think about how  you define yourself, and whether you let others do it for you instead. Unusually introspective from Joe, but a great post.

Joanna Penn – The Creative Penn
Hot on the heels of Joe’s post is an earlier post from Joanna Penn at the fantastic Creative Penn website. She asks what your definition of success is. It’s important to understand this concept if you’re a self-published author. I have a list of income amounts I want to hit. For example, $5/week buys me my weekly coffee at my local cafe; $10/week gets a slice of cake with my coffee; $20/week gets me my coffee, pays my monthly mobile bill AND I get to eat my cake too. You get the picture. Having concrete income goals allows me to work backwards and calculate how many books I’ll need to sell and at what prices to allow me to make that consistent income. It also gives me to something to aim for so I keep my eye on the coffee and cake prize.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Kristine Kathryn Rusch has great advice on her website for writers, and she currently writing a Discoverability Series that centres on how writers can find their audience. You can read the first of the series here, but she’s now up to part 11.

Lesfic Downunder
Some new sites for Lesbian Fiction have popped up. Lesfic Downunder aims to bring Aussie and Kiwi lesfic authors together under one roof. And Indie Lesfic is showcasing hybrid, indie and self-published lesbian fiction authors from around the world. Check them out for your next great read, and to learn more about some of your favourite authors.

New Books Out
In new book news, Layce Gardner and Saxon Bennett have released a new book. More Than a Kiss is out at all good online bookstores. From the product description:
“One minute Jordan March was falling out a window and the next she was falling in love – with the emergency room doctor! It looked as if nothing could stand in the way of Jordan and Dr. Amy Stewart finding true love together… except a banana peel, a psycho stalker, a lesbian poetess, an extreme chef, a KGB spy, and a sex toy inventor.
Join Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner as they combine their creative *genius to bring you the romantic comedy of the century.
** Guaranteed money back if you don’t laugh out loud.
* Geniuses in their own mind.
** This is a lie. The authors are broke.”

Publication of my short story “The Break Up”
In case you missed it, my short story The Break Up was published online at narratorPride. Head on over to check it out along with other GLBT(xyz) writings.

And don’t forget, if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter to get a sneak peek into my upcoming series Division 10.


What have I been up to?

I’m glad you asked. I’ve been busy writing. Actually, I took 3 weeks off in January to holiday in Tasmania. Let me tell you, if you haven’t been down to visit one of our first penal colonies, you must go. Do it now. I’ll wait.

Lots of wonderful memories and photos and experiences came from that trip, and it also recharged my creative batteries. As such, my writing has been off the charts, though intermittently, I must admit.

So what have I been working on during those short and intermittent bursts of creative activity?

Lots of things! All of the things! And this last week I have managed to cut back to two projects. Well, maybe three, but that depends on whether my main character continues to attempt to kill himself off.

So, what’s coming up this year then? You know by now that I hate (really hate) putting my schedule out there. I’ve done that twice now, and I’ve not delivered. This year though will be THE year I get my butt into gear and do what I’m told. And that is, get some more things published! For people to buy! And to read! (Hopefully. Though you know, buy my book and don’t read it. It’s totally up to you. Who am I to tell you what to do with my book once you’ve handed over your hard-earned?)

Okay, so, without further ado, here is what I plan to release this year, for your reading (and buying) pleasure:

1. Division 10 – My near-future take on the crime genre has newly minted Detective Sarah Price tackling crime in Division 10, aka the Badlands as the locals like to refer to their little piece of paradise lost. It’s a haven for prostitutes and publicans, drug lords and wanna-be gangsters, and other down-on-their-luck inhabitants. It’s an age of privatised police forces where you get what you pay for – which in the Badlands amounts to exactly nothing. The only law left in town until Detective Price turns up is ex-cop/sometime PI/bounty hunter/cabbie Rachel Murphy, who keeps the peace by staying out of anything gang-related that doesn’t concern ordinary citizens. Her theory, which is still in the testing phase, is that the dregs of society will kill themselves off soon enough, and that she doesn’t need to do much to assist them. This will be a series of novellas and novelettes that I hope will be fast-paced, action-oriented, and focused on the characters as much as the crimes. Stay tuned for the release date of the first book in the series, and sign up to the newsletter (if you haven’t already) to get a sneak peek at some deleted scenes.

2. The Pertwhistle Project – Those of you who read my old blogger blog will remember a sneak peek of this series that I put up last year. This will be a serial/series set in a steampunk version of Australia, where I take liberties with history and science, all in the name of saving Stella Pertwhistle’s Uncle from the gallows in London. Along for the ride will be a motley cast of characters, not least of whom is Stella’s ex-lover Darcy O’Donnell, forger extraordinaire, and the woman who (so she says) made Sherlock Holmes into the folk hero we know today. So, airships! Mechanical contraptions! Doctor Boyle’s Famous Elixir! Miss Elliott’s Infamous Whiskey! Plus bush rangers, gold mines and a nefarious plot to rob the mint!

Along with those two major projects, I’m working on various plot ideas for YA titles that I’ll work on in between the major series releases. The series are the priority though, so I’ll announce the YA titles when they’re closer to publication. Which could be this year, or next year, or, you know, never.

I also have another series in production, tentatively titled The Legend of Eli Crane. I came across Eli during my first and only attempt to complete Nanowrimo a few years ago. He walked into a bar, got shot, and stole my heart (as well as some souls that didn’t belong to him). He keeps trying to get himself killed though, so he’s in character-purgatory until he behaves himself enough to warrant a shot at a starring role in his own series. Depending on how the other two series go, I might give him another shot in a couple of months.

On a bit of a side note, I’m also trialling a new productivity hack called the Pomodoro Technique, which effectively cuts my writing time into bite-sized segments, with little breaks in between. I hardly feel like I’m writing! I’ll see how I go with it, and might do a separate blog post on my success or failure using the technique.

So, there you go. Things to look forward to. And again, if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter. As I said earlier, I’ll be releasing some sneak peeks and some deleted scenes from the upcoming series, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that now, would you?


Get to know you – part 1

Remember those random question quizzes you got back in the early days of email? I LOVE them! I stumbled across this one online and couldn’t resist. I’ve changed up some of the questions though because they were a little US-centric. There are 50 in all, so I’ve broken them up into 5 separate posts so as not ot overwhelm you with my awesome answers.

Feel free to re-post on your blog if you want to answer them too, and post a link on the comments so I can come check it out. Also feel free to send through any other questions you come up with and I’ll add them to the list.

Selene, the moon goddess – check it. Not deliberately though. I was meant to be called Jamie, but apparently another girl was born in the same hospital before I was born and her parents named her Jamie. Or so I’ve been told.


December 17, 2013. We won back the Ashes from the Poms. Wonderful day for us Aussies.

Usually, except the times I can’t read what I write, then I hate it.

Chicken. Same as my favourite dinner meat.

No. I do have 2 dogs though, who sometimes act like kids.

Hell yes! I’m an awesome friend.

A lot more than I should at my age.


Not unless it was for a bet. I’m squeamish about heights.

Coco-pops, but they’re full of sugar, so I just look at them longingly when I pass them in the aisle at my grocery shop.


Introducing… the Self Publishing Podcast Boys

I’ve been on a digital organising frenzy over the last month since I’ve had some time off. Mainly cleaning out my emails and tidying up the way I structure and save my WIPs, but I’ve also been taking a good hard look at the blogs and websites I follow, and the newsletters I’ve signed up for. (I’m a sucker for email lists!)

I’ve found that since I’ve upped my work-load over the last few months, I’ve got less and less time to spend on reading blog posts (and books, unfortunately), and so I’ve started unsubscribing to a lot of them in order to reduce the amount of emails I get every week.

What I DO love though, are podcasts. I’m not subscribed to nearly as many podcasts as I am blogs, and I don’t listen to them all regularly, but I do listen to some of them regularly. One of them is the Self Publishing Podcast.

The three hosts, Johnny B Truant, David Wright and Sean Platt, are all self-published authors in their own right, and they also have some books and serials published through Amazon’s imprints. They get out a phenomenal amount of product every year and they really know their stuff. They’re not afraid to share news and information on what works for them, and they regularly have guests on to talk about the things they don’t know.

They also answer questions from listeners, either directly through their live chat, or from voicemails.

The thing I love about them though is that they’re not afraid to admit they they’re still working out what works, just like the rest of us plying our trade in digital books. They’re not snake-oil salesmen trying to sell you formula and quick-fixes; they’re authors giving other authors an insight into their methods and thought-processes.

Best of all, they’re funny. Hilarious, even. The three of them have a fantastic rapport. They play off each other effortlessly and often have me laughing out loud at their banter, especially when they’re ribbing Dave, who is the resident Eeyore.

They also have a companion podcast called Better Off Undead, which is what I like to call SPP After Dark – it usually goes for half the time, but is double the laughs. It’s also where Dave comes into his own and gets to unleash his rants in a regular segment called “What’s Up Dave’s Butt?” (with its very own musical introduction no less).

For anyone who publishes, whether it be through the traditional means or otherwise, I highly recommend listening to these guys.

On a related side note, they have a book out called Write. Publish. Repeat. which is currently one of the best books on the market for self-publishers. I’ve read it and can highly recommend it.

The Story Behind the Story – How a 10 day deadline became my debut novella, Three Wishes

Three Wishes - Low res (2)

Monday the 9th of December saw me press publish on my first novella, Three Wishes. It’s up on amazon, and hopefully up on kobo soon. It was a rush to see it up on it’s own little page with my name on the cover.

This little book is so far from what I usually write, but I loved every minute of it. It’s conception was completely different to my other stories, so I decided to share the story behind the story.

For the better part of a year, I’ve been working on 2 series (both urban fantasies) and a couple of YA contemporary ideas, and getting stuck on all of them. I promised my wife that I’d have “something” published by the end of the year, and as the weeks and days ticked over, I realised I wasn’t going to be able to keep that promise.

I knew my wife would be upset, because from her point of view, my first year of being a full-time writer was a waste. I’ve written a lot of words and been able to find my ‘voice’, so I don’t think it was a complete waste of time, but I guess I can see why my wife would think that. I had nothing tangible to show for my efforts.

So, I said to myself, “Self, what would make your wife not be angry with you, and allow you to keep your promise?”

Self replied, “Write her a book. Women love that shit.”

So it was that I came up with the idea to completely forget about all that had come before for the time being, and come up with something entirely new. I gave myself 10 days to come up with a short story or novella that was of a publishable standard. It wouldn’t be enough to just have a story finished – I would have to be happy enough with it to want to share it with others ie publish it so the world could crap on it.

Apart from appeasing my wife, it would also serve as a way to prove to myself that I could come up with something from nothing, and that I could write fast if I wanted to. It would also double-up as a Christmas present, so how could I not go ahead with it?

Let me tell you, it was exciting and exhausting and fun and terrifying, all at once.

After tossing around ideas for a few hours, I came up with the one I used – a character so excited about Christmas and a believer in Santa who wanted to prove to others that Santa exists. That’s my wife to a T, although the character of Sophie isn’t really based on my wife (though she will probably tell you differently!)

I then gave myself another day to come up with the plot from start to finish. I had a minimum and maximum word count (7,500-12,000) to keep me from blathering on, and then came up with the characters and the general plot. I wrote one sentence about each chapter, flipped those chapters around so they worked better and then started writing.

The twist didn’t come to me until I was writing the chapter where it happens (I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t yet read the book). When that happened, I sat back and thought, “Huh, well there you go.” I didn’t second guess it, even though it changed my ending. I also didn’t second-guess it when another character appeared out of the blue and changed the course of Mac’s story.

All up, I hit the 10-day time-frame I gave myself to have it publish-ready. It took an extra few days to commission the cover art and get my beta readers and an editor friend of mine to look over it, and another day to teach myself how to format the file to upload it to amazon and kobo, which proved easier than I first thought.

Then came the time for the big reveal. I had tossed around just giving it to my wife on Christmas morning, but that meant that I couldn’t tell anyone about it, even if I published it, because my wife would find out. While it was an exciting prospect to wait and give her the best present ever, I really wanted my family and friends to know that all my talking about writing wasn’t me just talking crap.

I wanted validation, and I wanted to release my little book on the world and see if it could make its own friends.

I decided to print out the story and compile it into a little booklet, complete with a ribbon tying the pages in place.

Three Wishes - Original Print version (One of a kind!)

Three Wishes – Original Print version (One of a kind!)

I was extremely nervous giving the book to her, because I knew how much I wanted her to like it. The thing about my wife is, she can’t fake it. If she didn’t like it, she wouldn’t tell me she did, just to make me feel better. Having said that, we had the following conversation:

Wife: So is this just for me or for publishing?

Me: If you like it, I’ll publish it if you want me to. If you don’t I won’t.

Wife: That’s too much pressure! I’m going to lie to you. If I don’t like it, I’m going to tell you I do, just so you publish it anyway.

Lucky for us both, she liked it.

I sat beside her as she read it, and she seemed to laugh in all the right places. And because she liked it, I published it.

After all of that excitement, I’m not exactly sure how I can top that for a Christmas present, but I have just over a week to come up with something.

I’ll be quiet on the blog for the next few weeks because of the Christmas holidays and working on the 2 urban fantasy projects, and then we’re off with my niece on a 2 week holiday to Tasmania in January. I’ll still be writing during that time, but I probably won’t find time to update the blog until the end of January.

Until then, I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

My debut novella, Three Wishes, is on special on amazon until Boxing Day for just 99c. You can buy it by clicking on the cover at the top of this post, or clicking here.

‘Tis the season…to go a little bit crazy

Today marks the official start of the Christmas Season, which for me means organising a visit home, booking our dogs into suitable digs for their “holiday”, and trying to find new hiding places for my wife’s Christmas presents.

It also means I’m a few weeks off my promise to have “something” published before the end of the year. Although I’ve had 12 months to get stuff finished, it’s taken me that long to get into a good routine, work through the ideas I have and to find my voice.

I’m still struggling with a few things but I’m getting better. I have some short stories I’m happy with so they’ll get published but more likely in the new year, and after I have some longer books out.

I have managed to get a lot of work done in the last week on a new project that’s been marinating for a few months. I have a very short time-frame, but I’m planning on this one being available for Christmas – a great time for publishing a debut work I think.

I’m also working on a project for a good friend of mine, which I’ll reveal when it’s ready to go (in the next week). It’s a very special and exciting project that’s been almost 2 years in the making, and it’s something that I’m proud to be a part of.

And that brings me to the ‘crazy’ – since the production schedule is so tight, I’ve been working late nights and early mornings just to get my own special project done. I have a few days left to get the first draft to my Beta’s, I’ve commissioned a cover that should be ready in the next week or so, and I’ve got all the back-of-house stuff ready to go – smashwords and amazon accounts, links, business stuff etc – so I’m hoping once the actual book is finished, it will be a smooth transition from unpublished writer to published author (famous last words, I know).

If  you want to hear about the progress of both of these projects, sign up for the newsletter. Subscribers get to hear about stuff first, and as a bonus, subscribers who sign up before the end of December get a free copy of my short story ‘The Breakup’.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing about today – it marks the day I get to open the first flap on my Advent calendar.

Oooh, shiny…

Welcome to my new little place on the internet. I’d been toying with the idea of having my own domain and website for awhile, but decided to set up a free blogger account to learn what works and what doesn’t. What tipped me over the edge was blogger cracking the shits and doing something really weird, like losing my header (even though in the previews it exists) and sending out a post that was 12 months old as if I’d just posted it.

While having that free blog was a great learning experience, the one thing I discovered was that I am crap at sticking to topics, and just as bad at getting content out regularly.

So with that in mind, this shiny new website will be primarily a landing spot for readers and anyone else who’s interested to check out who I am and what I do. My intention is to update it intermittently, especially since I really need to stop procrastinating and start getting some work out for you guys to actually buy.

If you’ve ever checked out my old blog (here), you’ll notice a few little things that will be different on this one.

Firstly, I’ve set up a mailing list, which you can sign up for using the form on the right, and I’ll use that to let subscribers know about stuff before I announce it on here. There’ll also be subscriber-only competitions and opportunities to get books before they’re released. The intention is to email quarterly at the least, monthly at the most, but really only when there’s news to share, or I’m excited about something I’ve discovered or written that I think subscribers will like.

Secondly, I’m playing around with podcasting at the moment as a substitute for written posts, and will make a decision in 2014 on whether to pursue that or not. I’m really excited about it, because I love talking, and I quite often find myself talking into the blank stares of family and friends, so talking to a screen shouldn’t be any different.

Lastly, the look of the site will change over the next few months until I find a theme and widgets etc that I’m happy with.

If you have any thoughts on what you’d like to see on the site, or any questions you’d like me to talk about in a post, please don’t hesitate to comment on here, or send me an email to selena at srsilcox dot com

(As an aside, does writing your email like that even work for stopping spammers from getting hold of it or have their programs gotten smarter?)

So, again, welcome to the new site, and please stop by every now and then to catch up, or join the list.


What I really think of… Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey’s Wool

‘The children were playing while Holston climbed to his death; he could hear them squealing as only happy children do. While they thundered about frantically above, Holston took his time, each step methodical and ponderous, as he wound his way around the spiral staircase, old boots ringing out on metal treads.’

So begins Hugh Howey’s first novella in his blockbuster Silo series, Wool.

I can’t exactly remember when I first heard about this guy, Hugh Howey, but I do remember his name popping up all over twitter and blogs, and I thought “Hell, I’ll give this guy a go.” At 99c for his first novella, Wool, it was a pretty good bargain, and having received my first kindle for Christmas 2011, I was looking for cheap books to fill it. 

I read that first book in one sitting then immediately downloaded the second part (“Proper Gauge”) and then the third one (“Casting Off”). I remember staying up until the early hours of the morning to finish “Casting Off”, and making myself wait until the next morning to download the final two in the series “The Unraveling” and “The Stranded”. 

Briefly, the Silo series is set in an apocalyptic world, where humans live underground in huge silos 144 stories below the ground. It’s set in a time when no-one can remember what happened on the outside, and no-one questions why they live the way they do. 

That is, until Jules comes along. Jules is a mechanic from the Down Deep, the very bottom levels of the silo, where she works to keep the machinery of the silo functioning. Needing a new sheriff after the tragedy that is Holston’s death (which is so hauntingly written in Wool 1), Jules is the one who steps up (albeit reluctantly). Her curiosity gets the better of her, and she begins to question everything she has ever been told about the history of the silo and the circumstances of their existence. Wool 2-5 follows Jules’ story – the consequences of questioning long-held beliefs, and the lengths that some will go to to protect the status quo.

The reason I love these books so much is that they focus on something that is a real problem in our own time – taking what we see for granted, and living our lives through computer screens. We listen to politicians and the media and assume that what they tell us is the truth. We have no real desire to do the hard work and find information for ourselves. We form opinions on someone else’s view of the world, instead of seeing it for ourselves.

I know from reading interviews of Hugh that those were major factors in his desire to write this series. 

I came away from that first series feeling like I needed to be more involved in the world around me; to take a more proactive role in my own life, instead of sitting back and letting it happen. 

For any of my teacher friends out there, if you’re looking for books to spark discussions with students, these are the books to read. 

On a slightly different tangent, Hugh is also a shining light for those of us looking to self-publish our own stories. Hugh began with a small publisher with his first Molly Fyde book (Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue), a YA science fiction novel, and quickly learned that he could do a lot of the publishing side of things himself. 

So he did.

The popularity of his Silo series made bigger publishers and agents sit up and take notice, and he made history when he signed a print only deal with Simon and Schuster, enabling him to keep his digital (ebook) rights.

This is extremely significant, because traditionally, contracts from publishers effectively restrict authors from writing and publishing anything that is seen to be in competition to the books they’ve sold, which really means everything that comes after.

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of how that deal will hopefully help to change the publishing industry in the long term, and how they treat their authors, but suffice it to say, it’s a small step in the right direction.

There is so much more I can say about Hugh Howey and the effect he’s had on the self- and indie-publishing industries and authors, but I will leave the other stuff for another post.

The last thing I will say is BUY HIS BOOKS! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

You can find Hugh here:

Hugh Howey

Buy his books from Amazon (or order the paper copies of his books from your local bookstore):

Hugh’s Amazon Author Page

You can find out more about his Wool series at Simon and Schuster here:

Wool Series

Introducing… Layce Gardner

I’m not big on the lesbian romance genre. (I can’t believe I can say that with a straight face, considering I am currently dabbling in that genre, but anyway.)

I guess it’s because my early forays into it were a little sub-par. The characters were all a little too beat up, and some of the plot points bordered too far on the unbelievable side of the fence for me.

I get it. We’ve all been through our Coming Out period, our Lusting After our Straight Best Friend period and our U-Haul Lesbian period (in Australia we call it the Budget Lesbian period) among others. Most of us want to read about that stuff to make us feel better about bad decisions, bad romances, and to escape from our bad, sad lives.

Here’s the thing. I’m more than the sum of my bad and sad parts. I have lots of happy times. “Why doesn’t anyone write about the happy times?” I lamented. “Why doesn’t anyone write something fun?”

Then I found Layce Gardner. I am proud to be able to call her my Facebook Friend. (Which means that she stupidly accepted my friend request even though she didn’t know me from a bar of soap, and now I can stalk her interact with her whenever I want.)

I can’t remember exactly how I discovered her novel Tats, but I devoured it in two sittings. I would have devoured it in one, but a pesky little thing called my day job came between us.

I passed my paperback copy on to a great friend of mine, along with rave reviews. (Lisa, I still want it back!)
I loved the book so much, in fact, that as soon as the next book Tats Too came out, I downloaded it onto my kindle as soon as it was available. This time, I got to read it while I was on holiday in Fiji – I wasn’t going to let a little thing like a friend’s wedding get in the way of me and that book.

I read parts of it out to my wife, giggling like an idiot, while my wife just looked at me knowing full well I AM an idiot. “I guess you have to read what happened before” was my answer to her blank looks. 

Anyway, to the point. 

I downloaded and read Penny Nickels and Wild at Heart as soon as they came out too, and was itching for more.

That was a few months ago now, and I had decided that I wasn’t going to go out of my way to buy any new books until I had finished some of my own. 

Then, I saw this pop up on my facebook feed:

I was so excited that the new book was available, but you know, my no-book-buying thing.

I held off for exactly three days. 

I bought it, promising that I would only read the first chapter after I had at least completed my word-count quota for the day. 

I only lasted a couple of hours before I thought “I’ll just read the first paragraph and see if it grabs me.” 

A couple of hours of reading and laughing out loud later, I realised that it was past midnight, and that I had wanted to get to bed early, so I could get up early and get in some pre-caffeinated writing time. (For non-writers, that’s the best time to trick my muse into giving up some of her secrets – before she wakes up and goes MIA).

I don’t really have the whole “do something good, reward yourself” thing down very well.

So the truth of it is, I don’t think I can hold out on reading the rest of the book. I think I might just take an early weekend and go ahead and get it over and done with.
If you’re curious, my favourite part of the book so far is when the girls (Dana and Trudy) are sharing an unlit cigarette. They both take pretend puffs and then Trudy takes the cigarette back and “ashes” on the floor.

No wait. It’s when Dana meets Ellen. “She had brown-almost-black eyes like melted chocolate and a smile that reminded Dana of strawberry cheesecake. Her smile itself didn’t exactly remind Dana of cheesecake; it’s that the smile gave her the same feeling as looking at a slice of strawberry cheesecake.”

No, it’s the conversation about Dana’s need to fill a hole in a conversation. “See, when there’s a hole in the conversation I feel this urge to stick something in the hole. In fact, there’s very few people in this world I’m comfortable being around and not sticking something in their hole.”

Layce, you had me at “‘My girlfriend is a slut,’ Dana Dooley said.” It’s going to be another late night.

You can find Layce’s books on Amazon here
Check out her blog here

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