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Nanowrimo: Extract

So I’m all worded out. At just over 27,000 words, I’m done for the month. Quite an achievement, obviously not as good as I hoped, but I’ll deal with what went wrong, and what went right, in another post. I

Nanowrimo: Day 21 – Help!

So, here’s the deal. Three days off has meant no more words added to my Nano novel, and I’m finding it hard to connect with the story again.I’ve also realised I’ve been focussing too much on trying to make this

Sunday Sesh #12 – Cascade Stout

This Sunday Sesh brought to you by Cascade Stout. I’ve cheated a little this week and also in order to get ahead over the next few weeks – I bought a gift pack from Cascade with four of their beers in,

Nanowrimo: Half Way

I’ve been a little bit lax the last couple of days with the Nano thing. We had a big weekend and I tried to find some time to write but it didn’t turn out that way. Usually, I’d beat myself

Sunday Sesh #10 – Cricketer’s Arms Lager

Today is a celebration Sunday Sesh, and I’m doing the honours with a Cricketers Arms Lager, brewed in Melbourne. This one is light and crisp. If you look closely at the photo you’ll see there’s lots of bubbles. It’s very light

Nanowrimo: Day Five – 10%

Word Count: 5,772 Day five and I’m still struggling, but it’s getting easier. I spent most of today procrastinating – grocery shopping, helping Wifey out with some small renos and house-hunting. I did get in an hour of good writing

Nanowrimo: Day Three – Small Successes

After a slow start on Day One, I finally managed to get in over a full daily quota of 1,684 words. That brings my total word count on Day Three to 3,426. (Day Twos’ count was 1,207). Still short of the

Nanowrimo: Day One

Goal: 2,000Word count: 535 Not as good as I’d hoped, but better than no words. I only got time to write at about 8pm, and had to shut myself away in the bedroom since our visitors are still here. I

Sunday Sesh #9 – The Sesh With No Beer

Sorry about no Sunday Sesh this week. I’m still not overly good at this pre-planning thing. I’m blaming Nanowrimo, since you’re not supposed to plan too far ahead in order to get the best experience possible. However, Unplanned visitors +

Nanowrimo: The Panic Begins

Nanowrimo starts in a week, and up until yesterday, I wasn’t overly excited. Why? Because after re-thinking the 50,000 words in 30 days pledge, I realised just how bloody crazy that is. What the hell was I thinking? I have


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