Month: October 2011

Sunday Sesh #9 – The Sesh With No Beer

Sorry about no Sunday Sesh this week. I’m still not overly good at this pre-planning thing. I’m blaming Nanowrimo, since you’re not supposed to plan too far ahead in order to get the best experience possible. However, Unplanned visitors +

One small step for Gays….

On Tuesday night, Wifey and I watched a live telecast of Qld Treasurer Andrew Fraser introducing a private members’ bill called the “Civil Partnership Bill.” While this in no way provides what marriage would provide at the federal level, it is a small

Nanowrimo: The Panic Begins

Nanowrimo starts in a week, and up until yesterday, I wasn’t overly excited. Why? Because after re-thinking the 50,000 words in 30 days pledge, I realised just how bloody crazy that is. What the hell was I thinking? I have

Sunday Sesh #8 – Stoke Gold (NZ)

This week’s Sunday Sesh is brought to you by a NZ drop – Stoke Gold, made by the McCashin Brewery in Nelson. It’s a little bit fortuitous that I decided to review this beer this weekend. It is, afterall, the

Sunday Sesh #7 – FNQ Lager

Today’s Sunday Sesh is brought to you by the wonderful people at Blue Sky Brewery in Cairns, and their FNQ Lager. Since the weather’s so good here, I thought I’d try something a little bit different, and go a lager

Sunday Sesh #6 – Matilda Bay Fat Yak

Today’s Sunday Sesh is brought to you by Matilda Bay’s Fat Yak, an American-style pale ale. Matilda Bay is currently one of my favourite breweries, bringing you crackers such as Beez Neez honey-infused lager, Dogbolter Dark Lager, and Big Helga, a

Sunday Sesh #5 – James Squire Jack of Spades

Bit late in coming this week, but here’s today’s Sunday Sesh, brought to you by James Squire’s Jack of Spades Porter. I’ve ventured into the dark ales a bit over the last couple of weeks, and this one is now one of


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